Being an International student, I enjoyed the friendly learning environment at New Zealand College of Business. New Zealand College of Business has given me tremendous experience in terms of my studies, which equip me with business knowledge and skills for my future career. The learning gained at the college has further developed my abilities and skills of oneself. The knowledge and skills learnt has enabled me to secure a manager position in a well established business in Christchurch, New Zealand. I am pleased that having graduated with Diploma in Business Administration (level 7), I have found myself an employment position which means I can work in New Zealand. I will always remember the right choice made with enrolling and studying at New Zealand College of Business. I loved the fabulous experience of my year of study at the college. I am also grateful and pleased with the guidance and supports I received in this area. I would like to thank New Zealand College of Business staff for their help and support to date. Thank you.