Enrolment Procedures

Procedures for Enrolment:

Step 1

Complete the Application Form. If you have trouble filling this out, or you cannot find the answer to your question, contact our Office: info@nzcb.ac.nz
 If you already live in New Zealand, you are welcome to call into one of NZCB's Campus based at Auckland or Christchurch and Lincoln for further assistance.

Step 2

Send your application to us, along with any supporting documentation required, for example your passport details page, English language ability, and your academic history. Send the application form back to us at the following address:
              New Zealand College of Business
Post address: P.O Box 6064 Upper Riccarton Christchurch New Zealand
Fax Number: +64-3-3796672
Email info@nzcb.ac.nz
 If you live locally you can drop it off directly to your nearest NZCB Campus.  
Your application will be assessed upon arrival. If you meet all entry requirements, you will be sent an Offer of admission. If we still require more information from you, we will send you an Offer of admission with the Conditions, which will outline for you the documents we still need you to send to us.

Step 3

Once you have received your Offer of admission, you need to indicate your acceptance or decline the offer. If you are accepting our offer and you are in New Zealand, you will need to pay your tuition fees, we will send you a receipt which you can take to the Immigration New Zealand to apply your student visa.  If you are off-shore student, you will need to pay your tuition fees after the Immigration New Zealand to approve in principle for your student visa, you will make travel arrangement once you obtain your student visa and passport.

Step 4

Once all steps outlined above have been completed, you will be received an orientation pack. please advise NZCB for your arrival date, you will receive a big welcome. Please up-to-date with NZCB for your student visa, as well as evidence of your travel/medical insurance.


If you have any queries about your application, please contact us on +64-3-3796668 or email info@nzcb.ac.nz. I look forward to meet you in person and welcoming you to study at New Zealand College of Business.