Student Services

Studying away from home can raise many questions for students and NZCB has many ways to assess your needs for guidance and support, and to meet those needs so that you can study successfully and achieve your goals. NZCB constantly seeks to make each student¡¯s study and stay in New Zealand as an enriching experience as possible. The Student Liaison Officer is responsible for students enrolled at NZCB for the duration of their program.

  • We will provide orientation program to students. Students are briefed on the rules and policies of NZCB and New Zealand. It is also the time for students to make friends across the different faculties.
  • NZCB recommends accommodation Agent to its students. It places great emphasis on helping students find suitable accommodation.
  • Student mentor program to groom leaders and to provide a source of guidance and assistance to students who faces problems.
  • Airport meeting service with transport to your accommodation is available on request.
  • Introduction to local services e.g. bank, library, Information Centre, medical centre.
  • Immigration - visa extensions and enquiries
  • Day to day matters, e.g. ID Card, local services
  • Career planning and career workshops such as ¡°Effective Resume Writing¡± and ¡°Effective Interview Techniques¡± to prepare graduating students for job search.
  • Counseling services
  • Medical and Travel Insurance is compulsory as medical attention in another country can be very expensive.
  • Monthly recreational, sports and community activities
Justices of the Peace

Justices of the Peace carry out an ever-increasing multitude of functions in the administration of documentation and justice in New Zealand. These functions include:

Ministerial duties:

  • Witnessing signatures
  • Certifying documents
  • The taking of declarations, affidavits or affirmations
  • The witnessing of Land Transfer and other documents.

Judicial duties:

  • Jurisdiction determined by statute, including minor offences and some traffic cases
  • Issue of remands and Bail
  • Hearing of undefended cases
  • Presiding over defended trials
  • Preliminary hearing of indictable offences
  • The receiving of informations and complaints and the issue of summonses
  • The issue of Search Warrants
  • The issue of summonses to witnesses.

Although all Justices of the Peace perform most Ministerial duties, only some will carry out Judicial duties.

Justices of the Peace at New Zealand College of Business

Phillip Du Val          03 3398887