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The Career Service at New Zealand College of Business (NZCB) is ready to assist students through individual appointments with any questions or concerns about career opportunities and planning. Our desire is to guide students of NZCB in establishing their career objectives through programmes that provide opportunities for individuals to learn tactics useful in reaching their desired career. The Career Service staff collects job information and assist students with developing interviewing skills, job search strategies, curriculum vitae and covering letters preparation. This information and guidelines will help ensure that a student seeking full-time or part-time employment will know the best approach when applying for employment. NZCB's message

NZCB's message

The Career Service offers services to assist students in developing meaningful career goals, whether they plan employment or further studies, our staff provide counseling and information that will enable them to prepare for life beyond NZCB.

The Career Service is committed to helping prepare students to make a smooth transition from studying students to working employees. We provide professional development counseling and advice that will enable our students to have a competitive edge in the job market. Even in the best job market, graduates will have to compete for good jobs. When the job market is soft, graduates will have to compete for every job. Which is why it is critically important to know how to get the job you want?

Our objectives at the Career Service is to support students in identifying and understanding their strength and interest in their career planning and begin the professional development process during students' course of study and continue to enhance their career development with relevant seminar sessions. By the time students approaching their graduation, they will have the skill sets and experience to effectively compete for the top jobs in business and industry.

We also have employers to register with our College to enable us to provide students with information regarding career opportunities from registered employers.

Finally, our staff stands ready to assist students on a one-on-one basis. We invite all students and alumni to register with the Career Service and fully utilize our programs and services throughout their education process.

Mission Statement

The Career Service at NZCB is committed to assisting students and alumni in their effort to develop career and life planning skills acquire practical experience, master job search strategies, and explore pre and post graduation opportunities. In addition, the Career Service seeks to nurture and develop relationships that are mutually beneficial to both internal and external stakeholders supporting NZCB.

Services on Offered

The following Career Services on offered by NZCB are as below:

  • Career resources
  • Industry visits and networking:
  • Career Counseling
  • Counseling includes individualised assistance and/or workshops on the following topics:
    • Curriculum vitae and letter writing
    • Behavioural and traditional interviewing
    • Dressing for interviews, office visits and work
    • Business etiquette
    • Decision making
    • Job search techniques
    • Individual problems or challenges relating to job search or employment
    • Telephone etiquette

Career Service Staff Directory

Christchurch Campus
Kun Zhao – 
Daniel Loney –
Bin Sun –

Auckland Campus
Carol Chen –

Lincoln Campus
Nancy Yan –
Jessie Tan –

Summary of 2008 – 2014 NZCB Graduate Direction

Employment in Management Level

The result shows that two third (65 percent) of NZCB graduates (80 graduates) have found employment in management level while only 44 graduates’ career prospects are  in general clerical employment.  Since the mainstream of graduates is in the management level employment, it portrays that NZCB qualification(s) are valuable and serve as critical platform for graduates to apply their knowledge and skills in management positions in for profit and nonprofit organisations.  The remaining 44 graduates may be fresh graduates who have just entered the workforce progressing through their career path. 

Employment in New Zealand

The data collected and analysed illustrates that 79 percent of graduates found employment in New Zealand and the remaining 21 percent found overseas employment (in their home country).  The figures clearly indicates that NZCB programmes delivered are valuable by employers, particularly New Zealand employers who view NZCB’s qualification(s) as being current, practical, transferable, and relevant to industry expectations. 

Work In New Zealand

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