Accommodation Information


A homestay offers a room, two meals a day, laundry, inclusion in family life, and an opportunity to improve students English. Homestay families have a genuine interest in other cultures and people. Meals include breakfast and dinners on school days and all meals on the weekend and on holidays. The cost is around $250 per week. This will cover two meals per day on school days, and three meals on the weekend. Students will need to pay for lunch on school days, for meals if they choose to go out, entertainment expenses and telephone calls.


Flatting is a situation in a rented house or apartment where people live together and share the rent, bills and care of the premises. Many students enjoy the independence and challenge of sharing a house (flat) or apartment with other people. You can find flats by looking in the newspaper, on local notice boards, through the internet or going though a rental agent. You will probably have to pay a bond and some rent in advance when you first move in. you must pay for food, electricity, telephone etc. For information and advice about renting, tenancy agreements and bonds, check online at:

Halls of Residence in Lincoln University

Lincoln University have a number of halls of residence on campus for NZCB student use. Staying in the hall is a great way to meet new people and be part of the community. As well as accommodation the halls offer a programme of social, sporting, Educational and Cultural activities, with residential staff to support student, during the year every year over 600 students enjoy the experience of living on campus. Alongside students from around New Zealand and Overseas.