Certificate in Business Administration Level 4

No Enrollment will be accepted after 30th June 2017

This is a full time 1 year course consisting of 5 papers or modules, with each module having the duration of 7 weeks. Each week will have 20 hours of learning. To complete the Certificate, all modules are compulsory and the programme is designed to be multiple entries. Therefore, students may enter at the beginning of any module and conversely depart at the end of any module. All students will be encouraged to complete a full cycle of Certificate study. This course has been determined in terms of the NQF level descriptors as Level 4.

Please find the Modules as below:

This subject introduces students to business management theory, organisational processes and the functional areas of management, namely, planning, organising, leading and controlling, and strategy. The subject gives special attention to the shaping and leadership of organisations and the context of management in New Zealand.

This paper examines how we think and talk about workplace communication and how this shapes the way communication occurs and is managed. It portrays the workplace as a dynamic discursive system created by the interaction of tasks, technologies, and social processes. It critically examines how this discursive system shapes rationality, decision-making, personal identity, and participation in the workplace. The focus is on communication from both managerial and subordinate perspectives.

This subject deals with the microeconomics of production, consumption, and markets, and also with the macroeconomics and the open economy. The subject pays special attention to how the markets are formed, how the changes in some of the economic factors can affect the New Zealand economy both in micro and macro terms.

This subject introduces students to financial accounting concepts and techniques, and their application to various forms of modern business organisations. It is also an introduction to elements of management accounting with applications to business.

This course is designed to provide you with the essentials of personal selling. Active participation is encouraged to prepare the student to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be successful in dealing with modern selling situations. This includes negotiating, selling product, services or ideas while building mutually beneficial long-term partnerships in both organizational and client based environments.

* Career opportunities:

with this qualification you will have solid grounding in all facets of business management and be to either start your career in the field or advance your current position. These skills can be applied to a whole range of business.

* Study pathways:

Credits from this Diploma can be credited towards, if continue with a Bachelor Degree in Lincoln University, University of Canterbury, UNITEC and CPIT.