NZCB Alumni & FRIENDS association

All graduates from the NZCB, people who have completed a paper or course, former staff members and active participants in College life are recognised as members of our Alumni & Friends Association.
There are no fees for joining and we will proactively keep you up to date with NZCB happenings, invite you to a range of events and celebrate your success.
We value our relationship with you. You are important to us because:

  • You keep us in touch with the past;
  • You are involved with the present, keeping our global communities vibrant; and
  • You look towards the future, helping us to create a better learning environment.

Some of our alumni now hold positions such as company directors, CEO, CFO, general managers,  bank manager, operations supervisors and customer services managers in a wide variety of industries around the world. Their careers are truly impressive.
Alumni functions are held in conjunction with other events on campus and overseas. Watch here for details. If you would like to be part of these events so that you can catch up with your ex-classmates, join the AIS Alumni Association now!
Already an alumni member, but haven’t heard from us for a while? You might need to update your details. Please keep in touch and let us know what you are doing now.
As life progresses, we hope you will remain an enduring member of the global NZCB network - a community of bright, innovative people committed to making a difference.
Keep In Touch With Your Alumni

Kun Zhao
Student liaison officer Phone:  +64-3-3796668  Email:

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