New Zealand College of Business is committed to research. The Research Committee is established to lead and support the academic research activities within the college.

    Roles and Responsibilities of the research committee

    1) The Committee supports the strategic development and operation of research within the College.

    2) The Committee has a number of core functions, including:

      a) To assist in the development and enhancement of a College research culture
      b) To develop a collaborative research networks between the College and its academic partners, in both New Zealand and in China and Taiwan
      c) To review, assess and decide upon applications for resources from staff   seeking support for research projects and proposals
      d) To promote the publication of research in appropriate outlets
      e) To promote and support the development and maintenance of research groups both within the College, and between College staff and partner institution staff
      f) To guide, inform, monitor and support, without prejudice, the research activities in the College.

    3)  Chair and Members of the Research Committee


    • Prof. Christopher Gan


    • Prof. Sam Yu
    • Prof. Kelly Chen
    • Dr. Phuong Thi Mai Nguyen
    • Dr. Bian Chao
    • Daniel Loney
    • Liz Zhou
    • Irene Lau
    • Nancy Yan
    • Xu Duo

         Member from collaboration institutions

    • Prof. Mick Abbott
    • Prof. Patricia Anthony
    • Prof. Mark Wilson