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English Language Teacher

The job description sets out the responsibilities of the role, and the attributes the successful applicant must possess. Your CV and covering letter should provide details of how you meet these requirements.
To apply for a vacancy, email your CV and covering letter, along with a copy of your residency/work visa (if applicable) to  And you can simply to apply for any other roles that are of interest to you.

Eligibility to work in New Zealand
Applicants must have the legal right to work in New Zealand at the time of submitting their application. Therefore, you must be:

  • a New Zealand or Australian citizen
  • a New Zealand Permanent Resident
  • the holder of a New Zealand work visa

If you hold residency or a work visa, a copy must be provided at the time you submit your application.
NZCB will send an acknowledgement of receipt when they have received all of these. All information provided to NZCB in support of your application will be treated as confidential.
Please do not send copies of written references, qualifications or training certificates with your application. These will be requested at a later stage, if required. Any documentation submitted will not be returned to you.

All applications are reviewed at the closing date. A selection panel assesses the information you have provided in your CV and covering letter against the required criteria for the role. The panel short-lists the applicants who they feel most closely meet the requirements. If you are not short-listed to attend an interview, you will be advised by e-mail as soon as possible.
NZCB aims to have short-listing completed within 10 working days of the closing date. If this process is likely to take longer, applicants will be informed.

The selection panel
The panel is led by the Manager or Team Leader to whom the position reports. Panels vary in size, but generally have two to four members. The other panel members may be senior members of the team where the position sits, or other stakeholders from within NZCB. Panels aim to have a mix of both gender and cultural representation. For certain positions, such as senior or specialised roles, NZCB may bring in external people as required.

The interview
If you are invited to attend an interview, you will receive a confirmation pack, which advises when and where the interview will take place, who will interview you, and provide you with a copy of the job description.
The interview is not only a chance for NZCB to assess your suitability for the position, but also allows you to see if NZCB is right for you. You will be given a chance to ask questions about the role, the team, and NZCB as a place to work.
As a minimum, NZCB will conduct a competency based interview for the position. During the interview you will be asked to provide examples of when you have done something that relates to the competencies required for the role. By providing examples of past behaviour, the panel can assess how you may deal with similar issues that may arise as part of the role.
You are welcome to bring a support or whanau group with you. If you wish to do so, please advise NZCB at the time your interview is arranged, in order for a suitable venue to be provided. All travel costs for your support or whanau group will be your responsibility.

Additional assessments
In addition to a competency based interview, NZCB may ask short-listed applicants to undertake additional assessments. These can range from work-based exercises, to a presentation on a specific topic. Should you be required to undertake any form of additional assessment, you will be provided with sufficient notice.
For some roles, NZCB may include psychometric testing as part of the process. Again, you will be notified in advance.
In some instances, a second interview may be required. This is generally less formal than the first interview, and usually includes staff members from the wider team.

Reference checks
As part of your application, you are asked to provide the names and contact details for at least two referees. One of these must be someone who has been your direct supervisor within the past three years. Reference checks are used to validate your suitability for the position, therefore please ensure you provide referees who can comment on this.
Reference checks will only be carried out for preferred applicants. When you attend an interview, you will be asked to confirm that you are happy for NZCB to contact the referees you have provided. This question does not mean that your references will be contacted, but is to obtain permission under the Privacy Act, should we wish to contact them.
Please remember to tell your referee that you have listed them on your application.

After the interviews are held, any additional assessments completed, and reference checks conducted, the panel decides if they wish to make an offer to a preferred candidate. The panel obtains the necessary approval from NZCB's Strategic Management Team, then the panel chair calls the successful applicant to make a verbal offer. An offer pack is then sent.

Security checks
As part of the NZCB offer pack, the successful applicant is required to complete a Ministry of Justice security check form in relation to criminal convictions.
All appointments remain conditional until NZCB has received a satisfactory report from the Ministry of Justice.

Provisional appointment
NZCB appointments are made on a provisional basis, subject to a five working day review process, within the Crown Entities Act 2004 Good Employer Practices. This allows current employees to request a review of appointment, if they feel the process was unfair or unjust. This can be discussed further at the interview and offer stages, if required.

Unsuccessful applicants
NZCB tries to inform unsuccessful applicants as soon as possible after a decision has been made. All applications receive confirmation of the outcome of their application in writing or by e-mail.

Further information
If you require further information, or wish to ask about a vacancy or NZCB's processes, please contact the person named in the advert.