Welcome to New Zealand College of Business

Kia Ora!

New Zealand College of Business is committed to the personal and intellectual development of its students, and aims to prepare students with the business knowledge and skills required for successful business careers both in New Zealand and globally. We are proud of the quality of our business programs and special emphasis is placed on a thorough understanding of the theoretical business principles and the practical implementation of these principles in global business. We have three campuses; Auckland, Christchurch and Lincoln. As a business school, we stress the importance of quality education and expose our students to a broad and well-rounded range of business disciplines. We have dedicated ourselves to meeting the needs of a diverse group of talented students, emphasizing an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. Through active and creative learning environment, we encourage our students to achieve excellence in their academic, personal, and professional lives. New Zealand College of Business students will be prepared for their future as business entrepreneurs and practitioners with confidence and competence.

New Zealand College of Business is a dynamic business school engaging well qualified and professionally trained staffs with a passion for business focusing on real world business based applications while still covering the theoretical foundations necessary for a full understanding. The faculty is dedicated to teaching excellence and encouraging students to acquire and synthesize knowledge in field of business. More than 50 percent of our students further their studies in universities and some pursue careers in the private sector firms and industries, as well as in government upon graduation.

Your interest in New Zealand College of Business today begins a journey of learning, leadership, and service. We are committed to transforming students with the skills, knowledge and values required to add value to business organizations and society. You will make life-long friends here. You will discover the value of learning in a school that cares. You will become a part of a tradition of excellence here. We look forward to seeing you at New Zealand College of Business!¡±

With kind regards,

Prof. Christopher Gan

President of NZCB

A Message to All Prospective Students:

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to these pages and to warmly congratulate you for choosing to consider New Zealand College of Business to further your studies.

You will already know that New Zealand has an enviable reputation as a destination to study as the conditions are perfect for students wanting to focus on their futures. New Zealand College of Business (NZCB) is one of this country¡¯s most highly regarded learning institutions with successful Alumni of many nationalities in many parts of the world. We are well respected by the New Zealand government academic supervisory authority, the NZQA, as well as the Department of Immigration and a number of select, top level academic colleges and universities such as University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, Massey University and CPIT, our official Academic Partners. NZCB should be your first and only choice if you want to achieve a seamless academic pathway and enhance your chances of success.

NZCB aspires to the highest levels of ethics and student care, ensuring that you are safe and secure in your studies, allowing you to fully focus on achieving those all important goals that will lead to a life of prosperity, dignity and personal satisfaction. Our teaching staff are committed to preparing you for university life, ensuring your academic journey will be an interesting and a worthwhile one and we believe you will enjoy studying with us.

By selecting NZCB as your partner in education in New Zealand you will be investing in the rest of your life, opening the door to an assured pathway onwards and upwards. The future can be as good if not better than your finest dreams. I hope you will join us and start on the road to success.

Phillip Duval J.P. LLB MRSNZ MInstD

Vice President of NZCB