About NZCB
An Established First Class Educational Institute to Foster Business Talents

Mission Statement

The New Zealand College of Business will provide high quality academic instruction and support at a tertiary level to international students and encourage them to reach their full potential in both study and towards a future successful career.

The New Zealand College of Business (also known as NZCB) was registered in New Zealand with the Ministry of Education in 2004 according to the 1989 "Education Act" (code: 1327). NZCB is also recognized by the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) as a tertiary level institute which provides high quality academic instruction and support to international students (Code: 7653). NZCB is a member of Education New Zealand, Christchurch Educated, Canterbury Employer Chamber of Commerce, Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand, Study Auckland and Retail New Zealand.

NZCB has the best student-to-staff ratio level. It has less than ten students for every staff member which is comparable to the top 100 universities in the world. In 2014 NZCB received high performance at the i-graduate International Student Barometer, which has found that NZCB has performed really well in various aspects, with 100% satisfaction rate for a range of indicators. We have full campus facilities to enhance student life. We can offer spacious learning areas, advanced teaching equipment, computer labs, library, health and medical centre, student accommodation, bookshop, copy centre, free on-campus Wi-Fi and recreation centre. Also our Lincoln Campus is an independent institute permanently located inside Lincoln University. NZCB students are part of the campus community and have access to the university facilities.

NZCB has students from Asia and Oceania, a total of more than 60 regions in the last 12 years. NZCB currently provides Business Courses (from Level 5 to Level 7) and English language programmes (IESOL & NZCEL Course) to students. NZCB courses are designed to assist students to gain entry into a Bachelor of Business degree or Master of Business degree with cross credits available and find a successful future career in terms of employment and immigration. After completing one year Level 7 Diploma or Level 5+6 two year Diploma course, a student will have the opportunity to obtain a 1 to 3 years’ work visa to develop career in NZ and gain points for the Skilled Migrant Category.

After 12 years of hard work, NZCB has become a highly reputable and widely recognised institution with high quality teaching and management levels. NZCB has formally established cooperation and academic relationships with University of Canterbury (UC), Lincoln University (LU) and Massey University (MU). NZCB also has formally established cooperation with various overseas universities, including the 0.5+1+2 Bachelor's Degree Program and the 3+1+1 Master's Degree Program. The academic partnerships we have with these higher learning institutions is highly beneficial in terms of credits recognition and resources sharing. Particularly, NZCB has established cooperation and partnership relationships with many world famous companies and Chambers of Commerce, which provides more internship and work opportunities for our students. As a result, the further education and employment rate of NZCB graduates is as high as 95%.

NZQA assesses the standard of education for tertiary education organisations through a regular system of external evaluation and review (EER). Through periodic EER, tertiary education organisations are held accountable to their students, employers, funders, quality assurance bodies and other interested parties.

External Quality Assurance:

  • NZQA is confident in the education performance of NZCB
  • NZQA is confident in the capability in self-assessment of NZCB